Sunday, August 19, 2007

What for acquaintances in the Internet are necessary?

Acquaintances on the Internet - rather new phenomenon in our life. People from generation to whom for thirty, in the majority at all I do not know what is it the such. The youth, on the contrary, in all uses achievements of information technologies of a new century. Several years ago acquaintances through the Internet were faster exotic. Today the phrase "I with it on the Internet has met" at anybody does not call surprise.

It is necessary to notice, that the relation in a society to acquaintances through the Internet very ambiguous and inconsistent. One spend all free time on sites of acquaintances, and any more do not represent the life without ICQ. Others consider, that acquaintances in a network can involve only diffident people who cannot find the place in a real life and consequently create an own virtual reality. Both points of view have polar character so, the true lays somewhere in the middle.

The main advantage of acquaintances on the Internet that you can be oneself. The world wide web involves those who does not wish to be such as all. Despite declared democratic character of our society, it opposite, very much even is totalitarian. The public opinion and a fashion impose us set of stereotypes and to depart from them it is necessary to be strong spirit the person.

In this season to look sexual, girls should put on short topics and narrow bridges. Men should go to an exercise room and drink beer in bars after job. Cheap phone it is not fashionable. Rnb it abruptly. Armani - cool. Sasch - it is not fashionable. The pathos clothes, popular music, the social status - all it put the modern person in frameworks. And what to do by that who wishes to be out of them? If he does not like the noisy companies, and she does not put on a miniskirt and in general itself sews to itself clothes? The Internet it where both it, and it can be by itself. This that place where it is not necessary to hide the individuality. On the contrary, individuality and even extravagance in a network are very much appreciated, after all they allow to learn better the person who is on that party of the monitor.

Sites of acquaintances help timid people to overcome by the nature the fear before dialogue with an opposite sex. For a long time there have passed those times when the modesty was considered as virtue. For the majority of modern people the modesty and shyness is unnecessary character traits which prevent to reach objects in view. Probably it and so, we will not argue. As shyness usually disappears with experience. And sites of acquaintances also allow to get such experience. Certainly, to spend all life on sites of acquaintances it all the same an extreme measure. But at least to begin with it it is possible.

Very interesting question: why sites of acquaintances so involve girls? After all guys approach to girl any, decently dressed and watching self at least some times in day with the offer to meet. What for coming in the evening home to load a liked server of acquaintances and till the night to spoil eyes, communicating with young men?