Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex...

Let's talk about sex, baby
Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about all the good things,
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about sex
- Salt N Pepa (1992, Written by Herby Azor)
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Let's Talk About Sex...

Sex can be an uncomfortable topic for some people. How are you feeling now as you read this? Regular readers of this newsletter may be thinking, "Danish always goes to the edge in his articles on empowerment -- but SEX? What is going on?" Well, maybe it's possible to talk about sex and for the conversation to bring a few inspirational insights...

Why Sex?

Lucy Becker (a friend) had asked me recently to participate in her Tantra Sex Workshop. Lucy is the director of the Tantra Centre of Toronto, and has been practicing Tantrica since 1989. I wasn't in a relationship and thought I couldn't benefit nor apply anything from the workshop, so I passed on the course and didn't give it a second thought.

Months later, Lucy called inquiring about advertising in this newsletter. I said, "I don't advertise. I just talk about personal development."

Lucy responds, "Well, isn't sexuality a component of personal development?"

I took a second, and then thought to myself, "Absolutely! As humans, we can choose to grow and evolve sexually, too." Attending this Tantra workshop would be a personal development category I hadn't yet experienced. And so, I enrolled in the course!

The Reactions

The common reaction when I tell people about this is one of surprise, followed by curiosity. While the media overwhelms us with sexual imagery, real and meaningful conversations about sex are rare. Last week, my friend Mahima said to me, "Tell me about THAT course." "Which course?" I questioned. "You know, THAT course..." she replied. "Oh, you mean the SEX course?"

Even the word is difficult to say sometimes. We don't want to be embarrassed. While growing up, some cultures taught us that sex is dirty, naughty, and bad. Sexuality doesn't have to be about raw sex or intercourse per se. It can also be about being in touch with all our needs, including our physical ones.

The Benefits

Lucy's course has taught me that sexuality is a foundational element of being human. Heavy breathing, moaning, and panting are the sounds of nature and the building blocks of pleasure, connection and love. In turn, pleasure, connection and love are building blocks to creating a life that we love. This is a very different way of looking at sex, than some of us may be used to.

Lots can be said about Lucy's course. One of the benefits I got is the ability to give great hugs! That's right -- women are telling me that my hugs are warmer and more soothing than ever before. They feel my embrace as comforting and nourishing. As they verbalize their feelings, a new glow seems to emerge as women realize what is possible when connecting to others. For me, talking about it has caused me to be more sensitive and aware of giving good hugs, and being present to the wonder and power of hugging another human being... Just by talking about it!

Is this a small thing? Yes, and it's also EVERYTHING! Sexuality is about expression and connection, and hugs are the stepping stones of self-expression and intimate connection. Our entire life is affected by our sexuality and our sexual/intimate way of being. Reducing stress, increasing vitality, and being open to spirituality are common areas where sex/intimacy makes a direct impact.

Your Possibility

Here's my axiom of personal development: If you want to improve in something, then learn about it and have it be part of your conversations. If you want to improve your health/fitness (for example), then have that conversation be alive for you with your friends and associates. And, if you want to improve the relationship you have with sex, then talk about it...

Sex is a very private component of our lives. I'm not suggesting that we talk to everyone about it. However, creating a safe space where we feel comfortable talking about sex with someone, can transform our lives. When was the last time you talked about sex with someone?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eliminate Information Overload

I got this very interesting email from Rich Schfren today about Eliminating Information Overload for business growth. Check out what it said on this blog...

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sex in 21 century

Sex in 21 century

Sex - one of the main components of a life of the modern person. Without it many do not represent the life!

More often, on sex relations between the man and the woman are combined, it is a harmony and belief synonym.

The sex culture develops, and not a secret, that in 21 century it considerably differs, from same 20th century. Relations become more liberated, it is more than conditions, it is more than possibilities.

The liberation of sex culture for someone becomes бичем 21 centuries, and for someone and absolutely on the contrary!

In connection with development in 21 century it is necessary more остерегать, it is more to supervise of itself, after all and sexual liberation and there were various viruses and problems.

Now there is all for improvement of relations, their variety is an and huge assortment of sex toys, and the sea of books, thousand articles and materials!

Now really it is necessary to be informed, cautious and trained! To have full harmony of relations, to give pleasure to the partner and, and thus not to have collateral problems!

Asthenopia - a syndrome of weariness of eyes

Asthenopia - a syndrome of weariness of eyes

The asthenopia for today is one of the common symptoms.

The reasons on which develops asthenopia.

Job on the computer, irrespective of monitor type.

Long driving of the car, especially in twilight and at night.

The job demanding constant visual attention.

Long reading.

Daily viewing of telecasts.

Incorrectly chosen glasses.

Incorrectly organised illumination indoors.

Symptoms asthenopia.

Pain in eyeballs.


Sensation "sand in eyes".

Consequences of the asthenopia

Constant visual loading calls an overstrain of muscles of an eye. In a combination to weakness of accommodation and pressure of convergence asthenopia leads to development and short-sightedness progressing.

Preventive maintenance asthenopia

Each hour of hard work it is necessary to give to eyes rest for 10-15 minutes. The best - to look for a window - to admire a landscape, translating a sight from relatives on far subjects or the sky.

Adjust position and light exposure of the monitor, and as light exposure of a workplace and a premise as a whole. Avoid sharp differences light (job behind brightly shined monitor in a dark room).

Work in a convenient pose. For good sight and preventive maintenance asthenopia стенопии important good blood supply. Therefore, coming off the monitor, do exercises or massage zones.

Correctly eat. For good sight and prevention asthenopia eyes need set of the most different useful substances: vitamins, microcells and antioxidants. If you keep to a diet or your food balance render the to eyes extra support, taking vitamins for eyes.

What for acquaintances in the Internet are necessary?

Acquaintances on the Internet - rather new phenomenon in our life. People from generation to whom for thirty, in the majority at all I do not know what is it the such. The youth, on the contrary, in all uses achievements of information technologies of a new century. Several years ago acquaintances through the Internet were faster exotic. Today the phrase "I with it on the Internet has met" at anybody does not call surprise.

It is necessary to notice, that the relation in a society to acquaintances through the Internet very ambiguous and inconsistent. One spend all free time on sites of acquaintances, and any more do not represent the life without ICQ. Others consider, that acquaintances in a network can involve only diffident people who cannot find the place in a real life and consequently create an own virtual reality. Both points of view have polar character so, the true lays somewhere in the middle.

The main advantage of acquaintances on the Internet that you can be oneself. The world wide web involves those who does not wish to be such as all. Despite declared democratic character of our society, it opposite, very much even is totalitarian. The public opinion and a fashion impose us set of stereotypes and to depart from them it is necessary to be strong spirit the person.

In this season to look sexual, girls should put on short topics and narrow bridges. Men should go to an exercise room and drink beer in bars after job. Cheap phone it is not fashionable. Rnb it abruptly. Armani - cool. Sasch - it is not fashionable. The pathos clothes, popular music, the social status - all it put the modern person in frameworks. And what to do by that who wishes to be out of them? If he does not like the noisy companies, and she does not put on a miniskirt and in general itself sews to itself clothes? The Internet it where both it, and it can be by itself. This that place where it is not necessary to hide the individuality. On the contrary, individuality and even extravagance in a network are very much appreciated, after all they allow to learn better the person who is on that party of the monitor.

Sites of acquaintances help timid people to overcome by the nature the fear before dialogue with an opposite sex. For a long time there have passed those times when the modesty was considered as virtue. For the majority of modern people the modesty and shyness is unnecessary character traits which prevent to reach objects in view. Probably it and so, we will not argue. As shyness usually disappears with experience. And sites of acquaintances also allow to get such experience. Certainly, to spend all life on sites of acquaintances it all the same an extreme measure. But at least to begin with it it is possible.

Very interesting question: why sites of acquaintances so involve girls? After all guys approach to girl any, decently dressed and watching self at least some times in day with the offer to meet. What for coming in the evening home to load a liked server of acquaintances and till the night to spoil eyes, communicating with young men?

Acquaintance to the man on the Internet - pro and contra

Often enough the woman justifies the loneliness, motivating with that is no time it. There is no time is a long list of the reasons where enter the heavy working day, weariness towards evening, children and their problems. Also at times the unnecessary modesty and unwillingness to leave to leave once again the house, to communicate to strangers. To the aid the Internet and hundreds sites of acquaintances where you can choose from thousand questionnaires of the person who has liked you in that case comes.

Here only some moments, allowing to prefer acquaintances on the Internet.

1. At first you get acquainted virtually and only then meet. It as speak in Odessa - "two big differences" in comparison with acquaintance to the casual person in cafe, on a party, in club etc. At you is possibility to learn about him much enough means of Internet dialogue, phone conversations, eventually.

2. The purposes of acquaintances are designated particularly enough. As a rule, users define the purposes of acquaintances: for sex, for flirtation, for serious relations, it is simple for dialogue. It facilitates a problem at a choice of the applicant. At least, you know, that want, and see, that the person who has filled the questionnaire wants. Certainly, here it is a lot of reefs, but there are possibilities them to pass and one of them questionnaire correctly filled with you.

3. One more advantage - the person can be seen on a photo. Well and to show, certainly. Where still possibility to go will be given to you as if in museum, to consider hundreds photos and to choose the one who is pleasant to you? Certainly, you too not will like all, all, as they say, will not be lovely, but, here just that situation when the quantity develops into quality. You hundreds men look, you look them is result, undoubtedly, will be. Also be not afraid to make itself the first step - write to it! After all it so is simple - to write pair of lines. Believe, if it is not spoilt permanent resident of sites of acquaintances, and the normal man, he by all means will respond you!

How to overcome "an information overload".

Whether happened with you, what you ran into a status of depression, powerlessness and could not do anything though thus the information with which you have familiarised was settling? Whether happened with you, that because of it, being accepted for any business, you did not know, for what to undertake and how to begin?

The similar problem is characteristic for many come to Internet business, both for beginners, and for the advanced businessmen. It is called as "an information overload”.

So, why it occurs?

All is very simple... That fact, that you have received any knowledge, yet does not mean, that you have understood them, have understood so, that can put at once into practice. Besides the fresh information received by you is too unusual to understand it straight off.

Present, that you have loaded on a desktop from 10 archives with the helpful information, and have started these archives to unpack simultaneously. And in archives lays from tens files. And how this one hundred files to understand? Long, very long.

How to overcome “an information overload”?

The answer is always simple (in general all in our world always extremely simply and to repeat it I never I will get tired). To begin with relax and have a rest. Distract, take a walk, descend on the nature, take a breath of fresh air, look a film, listen to music, communicate to friends, spend time in the pleasant company... The List can be continued and further...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New way of removal of a nervous tension.

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, keeping your spine straight. Close your eyes. Imagine your body is getting...

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While you work, you do not have time to earn money.
Academician A.N.Tupolev: "If the plane constantly to improve, it never will fly up".

Monday, August 13, 2007

Has bought a disk.

Traditional Arabian rhythms in modern arrangement. Belly dance, smooth meditative melodies incorporate in a single whole product, and conduct the listener in the world of east exotic. In this edition creativity of such great masters of a genre new-age, as Fil Thornton, the Cargo, and Hossam Ramsy is presented. Their products are filled by traditional Arabian culture, in them the Arabian rhythms harmoniously incorporate to modern styles. 41 tracks, General time of sounding 4 ' 59 ". 256 kBit/sec. 44,1 kHz, Stereo.

Has bought disk Arabian Nights. Very much it was pleasant. In general, the love to the Arabian music at me has appeared after the first trip to Egypt.

Positive imaginations.

Again on air!
All, probably, remember such remarkable chewing elastic band as "Love is..." (We named these chewing "loviks")? If do not remember, I will remind, that there inside there were candy wrappers with pictures of the boy and the girl and phrases "Love it...". And further there was a text which opened this concept. I have decided to dream up a little on a similar theme. And here that at me it has turned out...

The positive is...
... When the house of problems is not present.
... When you wake up, you look at the watch, and time still allows to have a sleep to steam of hours.
... When you wake up at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, on Saturday and you understand, that days off have begun.
... When you wake up in the morning on Monday, and this day - celebratory, and for work to go it is not necessary.
... When has slept.
... When rises.
... When there is a sun.
... When you wish kind morning.
... When you wake up not one.
... When you smile to yourself in a mirror.
... When you are able to laugh over yourself.
... When you open a refrigerator, and it is not empty.
... When you have nothing to be engaged, and here from different directions offers with prospects good pastimes.
... When all goes on the planned.
... When all goes not on planned, but it is much more successful.
... When you are weakened.
... When for the morning there is one more cigarette.
... When water in a shower the warm.
... When there are pure socks.
... When there is no money, and you find the grist with a round sum.
... When you leave in a sunny day on street, sneeze from bright light and smile.
... When at you cigarettes have ended, you climb in a bag to check up cash, and find the brand new pack beforehand bought for such situation.
... When you receive the deserved compliment.
... When you will look at phone, and there and then somebody will call or will write sms to you.
... When you enter into the bus at a final stop the first.
... When has not paid journey, you leave the bus, and to you towards there is a controller.
... When to you 10 years, you are awoken in the morning with mum and says, that the breakfast already waits.
... When in birthday you receive congratulations from those, people, communications with which as thought, has already lost for ever.
... When you open a browser, and all necessary pages are already loaded.
... When you receive the impracticable task, and in 15 minutes you understand, that it free the task on closer examination.
... When long you suffer with any questions, in the end-ends you hammer on this business, and then the ingenious idea of the decision casually comes to a head, and all turns out.
... When the following in a player starts to play your favourite track.
... When on work casually you pull out ear-phones from a socket, all the abusive song and not a pop-music hear that at you plays, and it not.
... When in working hours is with whom to be pulled about on ICQ.

... When to tooth it is not necessary.
... When in general to the doctor it is not necessary.
... When you go on foot home after pairs in serene day.
... When you see the old good acquaintance.
... When not hot.
... When in hot weather the cool wind blows.
... When you are quite good so have sunbathed on the sun.
... When in hot day eat ice-cream.
... When on coffee work yet has not ended, and sugar available.
... When you look at the watch with a kind "when this working day" will end, and it as has ended 5 minutes.
... When sad day flies by very quickly.
... When you pass the stop because it was read.
... When on stopper road, and you have overslept all of them.
... When you will blurt out something, and it appears in a theme.
... When you get on a concert of favourite group of which you already very much dreamt for a long time.
... When has well worked sports.
... When has won in any game.
... When there is nothing to eat, and you invite to a supper.
... When to tea there is something sweet.
... When after viewing of a film it still very long does not leave at you a head.
... When you sit in the boring company, and you called by the buddy with a phrase "we without you cannot start to drink, urgently here!"
... When in a refrigerator there is an alcohol.
... When you sit in a bar with friends.
... When beer cold and fresh.
... When Coca-Cola ice.
... When you have worked all the day long, then very long walked, then descended in club and in the end-kontsev you still would like to burn down, down and down.
... When all already drunk, and you still are not present.
... When still sober, and you are already drunk.
... When the beautiful girl smiles to you.
... When you do a gift and it really is pleasant to the person.
... When has perfectly well worked sex.
... When you wish good night.
... When you fall asleep not one.
... When to you speak "do not leave".
... When you go in novel places.
... When you sit on the bank of the river on a decline.
... When "has climbed above a roof".
... When you prepare for the worst, and this worst breaks off.
... When you think of a positive.
... When to you do not say lies.
... When you are live.
... When...

We Have Opened !!!

Hello. "We have opened!!!" - know, so usually write on new shops. Type we should rejoice and jump with happiness, that any man had enough mind and money to open next wine-vodka. But all the same to see enviably to me and always it would be desirable to use it a phrase on something the. Start up even on this first blog.