Monday, August 13, 2007

Positive imaginations.

Again on air!
All, probably, remember such remarkable chewing elastic band as "Love is..." (We named these chewing "loviks")? If do not remember, I will remind, that there inside there were candy wrappers with pictures of the boy and the girl and phrases "Love it...". And further there was a text which opened this concept. I have decided to dream up a little on a similar theme. And here that at me it has turned out...

The positive is...
... When the house of problems is not present.
... When you wake up, you look at the watch, and time still allows to have a sleep to steam of hours.
... When you wake up at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, on Saturday and you understand, that days off have begun.
... When you wake up in the morning on Monday, and this day - celebratory, and for work to go it is not necessary.
... When has slept.
... When rises.
... When there is a sun.
... When you wish kind morning.
... When you wake up not one.
... When you smile to yourself in a mirror.
... When you are able to laugh over yourself.
... When you open a refrigerator, and it is not empty.
... When you have nothing to be engaged, and here from different directions offers with prospects good pastimes.
... When all goes on the planned.
... When all goes not on planned, but it is much more successful.
... When you are weakened.
... When for the morning there is one more cigarette.
... When water in a shower the warm.
... When there are pure socks.
... When there is no money, and you find the grist with a round sum.
... When you leave in a sunny day on street, sneeze from bright light and smile.
... When at you cigarettes have ended, you climb in a bag to check up cash, and find the brand new pack beforehand bought for such situation.
... When you receive the deserved compliment.
... When you will look at phone, and there and then somebody will call or will write sms to you.
... When you enter into the bus at a final stop the first.
... When has not paid journey, you leave the bus, and to you towards there is a controller.
... When to you 10 years, you are awoken in the morning with mum and says, that the breakfast already waits.
... When in birthday you receive congratulations from those, people, communications with which as thought, has already lost for ever.
... When you open a browser, and all necessary pages are already loaded.
... When you receive the impracticable task, and in 15 minutes you understand, that it free the task on closer examination.
... When long you suffer with any questions, in the end-ends you hammer on this business, and then the ingenious idea of the decision casually comes to a head, and all turns out.
... When the following in a player starts to play your favourite track.
... When on work casually you pull out ear-phones from a socket, all the abusive song and not a pop-music hear that at you plays, and it not.
... When in working hours is with whom to be pulled about on ICQ.

... When to tooth it is not necessary.
... When in general to the doctor it is not necessary.
... When you go on foot home after pairs in serene day.
... When you see the old good acquaintance.
... When not hot.
... When in hot weather the cool wind blows.
... When you are quite good so have sunbathed on the sun.
... When in hot day eat ice-cream.
... When on coffee work yet has not ended, and sugar available.
... When you look at the watch with a kind "when this working day" will end, and it as has ended 5 minutes.
... When sad day flies by very quickly.
... When you pass the stop because it was read.
... When on stopper road, and you have overslept all of them.
... When you will blurt out something, and it appears in a theme.
... When you get on a concert of favourite group of which you already very much dreamt for a long time.
... When has well worked sports.
... When has won in any game.
... When there is nothing to eat, and you invite to a supper.
... When to tea there is something sweet.
... When after viewing of a film it still very long does not leave at you a head.
... When you sit in the boring company, and you called by the buddy with a phrase "we without you cannot start to drink, urgently here!"
... When in a refrigerator there is an alcohol.
... When you sit in a bar with friends.
... When beer cold and fresh.
... When Coca-Cola ice.
... When you have worked all the day long, then very long walked, then descended in club and in the end-kontsev you still would like to burn down, down and down.
... When all already drunk, and you still are not present.
... When still sober, and you are already drunk.
... When the beautiful girl smiles to you.
... When you do a gift and it really is pleasant to the person.
... When has perfectly well worked sex.
... When you wish good night.
... When you fall asleep not one.
... When to you speak "do not leave".
... When you go in novel places.
... When you sit on the bank of the river on a decline.
... When "has climbed above a roof".
... When you prepare for the worst, and this worst breaks off.
... When you think of a positive.
... When to you do not say lies.
... When you are live.
... When...