Sunday, August 19, 2007

Asthenopia - a syndrome of weariness of eyes

Asthenopia - a syndrome of weariness of eyes

The asthenopia for today is one of the common symptoms.

The reasons on which develops asthenopia.

Job on the computer, irrespective of monitor type.

Long driving of the car, especially in twilight and at night.

The job demanding constant visual attention.

Long reading.

Daily viewing of telecasts.

Incorrectly chosen glasses.

Incorrectly organised illumination indoors.

Symptoms asthenopia.

Pain in eyeballs.


Sensation "sand in eyes".

Consequences of the asthenopia

Constant visual loading calls an overstrain of muscles of an eye. In a combination to weakness of accommodation and pressure of convergence asthenopia leads to development and short-sightedness progressing.

Preventive maintenance asthenopia

Each hour of hard work it is necessary to give to eyes rest for 10-15 minutes. The best - to look for a window - to admire a landscape, translating a sight from relatives on far subjects or the sky.

Adjust position and light exposure of the monitor, and as light exposure of a workplace and a premise as a whole. Avoid sharp differences light (job behind brightly shined monitor in a dark room).

Work in a convenient pose. For good sight and preventive maintenance asthenopia стенопии important good blood supply. Therefore, coming off the monitor, do exercises or massage zones.

Correctly eat. For good sight and prevention asthenopia eyes need set of the most different useful substances: vitamins, microcells and antioxidants. If you keep to a diet or your food balance render the to eyes extra support, taking vitamins for eyes.