Sunday, August 19, 2007

How to overcome "an information overload".

Whether happened with you, what you ran into a status of depression, powerlessness and could not do anything though thus the information with which you have familiarised was settling? Whether happened with you, that because of it, being accepted for any business, you did not know, for what to undertake and how to begin?

The similar problem is characteristic for many come to Internet business, both for beginners, and for the advanced businessmen. It is called as "an information overload”.

So, why it occurs?

All is very simple... That fact, that you have received any knowledge, yet does not mean, that you have understood them, have understood so, that can put at once into practice. Besides the fresh information received by you is too unusual to understand it straight off.

Present, that you have loaded on a desktop from 10 archives with the helpful information, and have started these archives to unpack simultaneously. And in archives lays from tens files. And how this one hundred files to understand? Long, very long.

How to overcome “an information overload”?

The answer is always simple (in general all in our world always extremely simply and to repeat it I never I will get tired). To begin with relax and have a rest. Distract, take a walk, descend on the nature, take a breath of fresh air, look a film, listen to music, communicate to friends, spend time in the pleasant company... The List can be continued and further...